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Special offer! You can get two pictures scanned for free, or you can pay what ever amount you feel is fair.

Why wait? It's as simple as these few steps; so send your pictures in now. Just do the following....

1.) Print out this address and put it on an envelope

2.) Put your two pictures in the envelope.

3.)Place send another stamped envelope addressed to yourself in the main envelope if you want your pictures sent back to you. (SASE) This envelope will be used to mail the pictures back to you.

4.) Write your e-mail address on a piece of paper and put the piece of paper in the envelope.

5.) Seal the envelope, put a stamp on it and mail it. Now just wait for your scanned picture to arrive by e-mail. Your pictures will also be placed on a webpage for at least two weeks so that you can go there and save them if the e-mail doesn't work for you.

6.) Tell all your friends about this webpage.

It's so simple, do it today. And it's free!


Remember, to get your pictures scanned send them to this

address You might want to print out the address page so you can just cut out

and paste the address onto any envelopes that you want to send in. For your

convenience the address page only has the address on it so you don't have to

print out anymore than you need.

Disk Orders

Include $3 for up to 5 pictures. $2 for each additional 5 (Max 50

pictures at a time). No slides and cash only please. Your pictures will be sent

back to you along with a disk on which they will be scanned in JPEG or GIF

format. If you would like GIF format send a note stating so. The default setting

will always be JPEG format. They will be scanned at 100dpi. This value may

be adjusted, depending on the pictures being sent. Disks will be sent to USA,

Canada, and Mexico. For information regarding all other countries click here .


If you want to get your pictures as soon as possible, you can get them

sent to you as an email attachment instead of by disk. If you don't know

how to use attachments or don't know if your email program supports

them then it is not recommended that you request to get your pictures

sent to you as an attachment. Keep in mind that most disks are sent to

you within 1 week. All pictures are also placed on a webpage for at least

two weeks so that you can download them off of the webpage. Please

send an email to if you have not received your

pictures or disk after 2 weeks. Don't send valuable pictures as we are

not responsible for lost, late, misdirected, or damaged mail.

Sample pic


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If you would like a disk or pictures sent back to an address in any other

country please include a return envelope with proper postage paid to return the

envelope to you or an extra $2 and we'll pay for the return shipment. If you are

in another country and don't want your pictures back then just send them to

our address. Be sure to put USA at the bottom of the address so it gets sent to

the proper country :) Send a note with your pictures stating that you don't care

about getting them back since you live in another country and just want them

sent to you as an email attachment. All money must be in US dollars or

international money orders. Click here to go back.